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Together with the magnificent theatre festival Jonge Harten, Clash celebrates the return to the club. Dance yourself into a week of excellent theatre on November 19th. More info and tickets here

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Former EMG factory

AUGUST 17–21

Craving fresh new views on the world and the city? Let Clash hook you up, with the help of a unique location and a complementary combination of local and national artistic merit. During the first week of Noorderzon the imposing former EMG factory functions as a one-off hotbed. Where works of some of the country’s foremost visual artists like Jeisson Drenth and Harmen Meinsma share ground with a Kunstpunt-curated program and some of Groningen’s most exciting youngsters. A live music program tops the cake.

Featured visual artists: Harmen Meinsma, Rita Hoofwijk, Jeisson Drenth, Sanne Boekel, Jimi Kleinbruinink, Anna-Lucia Rijff (in collaboration with Kunstspot and Platform Gras), Anna Fleuri Wolters, Samantha Pellarini, Cindy van der Kaap, Hussein Faqih, Daniel Janse, Fynn van der Ziel, Martina dal Brollo, Alan Ahued Naime, Farida Sultan, Mirjam Kema.


AUG.17 Tuesday

15:00     Cybersissy + PXSYPPY, Darcvalac 

16:30     Cybersissy + PXSYPPY, Darcvalac 

19:30     Cybersissy + PXSYPPY, Darcvalac 

AUG.18 Wednesday

15:00     Dramali, Pape Matar Fall, Pushin Wood 

16:30     Dramali, Pape Matar Fall, Pushin Wood

19:30     Pushin Wood

AUG.19 Thursday

15:00     DJ Irie, Palmtrees Papi 

16:30     DJ Irie, Palmtrees Papi 

19:30     DJ Irie, Palmtrees Papi 

AUG.20 Friday

15:00     Joost Dijkema

16:30     Joost Dijkema

19.30     Jonathan Rhodes, Joost Dijkema

AUG.21 Saturday

15:00     H€NK, Yung Kos

16:30     Nattesokken, Begane Grond

19:30     Fleuri, Big Bass Babes

21:00     Karel, DJ Knelis

Looking to visit the expo and catch a specific live act? Book your time slot via the ticket page according to the schedule above. 

Clash Series 1.1: Noorderzon is a 1.5m event. During live sets you get assigned a safely placed seat. At the exhibition you’re free to roam around and experience the works, provided that you keep your distance from others.