Clash is a returning escape into a collision of art, music and science. It’s a continuous framework where music, visual art and science are set to create something new. Clash events have the productions of a festival, the intellectual and aesthetic experience of a museum, the surprise of a rollercoaster and the frenzy of a rave. 

We invite the individual into a shared space. We challenge you to go against the grain. Activating all the human senses. Navigating towards unfamiliar territory.

Noorderzon | Museumnacht | Jonge Harten | Grand Theatre | OOST |  Forum Groningen | Vera | SIGN | CBK Groningen |  Het Resort | Studium Generale Groningen | galerie with tsjalling |
Frank Mohr/Academie Minerva | Honours College Rijksuniversiteit Groningen | Grasnapolsky | Explore the North | VERS